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We’ve spent a very informative day at the PDA Conference today – Thanks to the PDA Society for organising such a successful day!

In the last 5 years much more has been learnt about young people who may present as ‘on the spectrum’ but have a level of social understanding which, on the surface, seems more developed but is underpinned by significant social exposure anxiety.

It is really important that strategies used are INDIRECT, COLLABORATIVE and FLEXIBLE.

At the Autism Teaching Company we can help lessen anxieties and help support children at home and at school.




One thought on “PDA Conference

  1. On reflection, my favourite quotes of the day:

    “PDA is like ASD but…” and “difficult behaviours and need for control is underpinned by significant social anxiety” Dr Phil Christe

    “Solve the problem, not modify the behaviour, problem solving is collaborative and proactive” and “kids do well if they can… doing well is preferable” Dr Jo Clarke

    “you can take a child with PDA to water but you can’t make him wash” Neville Staines

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