Claire Hill


Claire Hill lives with her family in St Albans. She has vast experience teaching pupils on the Autism Spectrum, from Reception through to Year 13, and has been teaching pupils with autism for almost 20 years.

Claire holds an Advanced Certificate in Autism Studies from Birmingham University, the Autism Education Trust’s professional accredited qualification and is currently studying Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and how this can benefit pupils on the Spectrum.

She holds a Level 3 NCFE qualification and will be able to use some elements of CBT in her practice.

Claire also holds the NAS qualification to support adults on the spectrum.

“Claire is amazing! She has been supporting our son, and our whole family really, for the last 6 months. She is very good at engaging with our 10-year old son and helping him to understand why he is thinking and feeling the way he does. He really enjoys their sessions together and routinely asks us when he is seeing Claire next. He is a much calmer and happier boy now that he has strategies to cope with his autistic traits. We are very glad to have her working with us. “