Direct Autism Support for Schools

We provide individualised support to meet the needs of pupils with autism and their schools.

“Excellent Service that really help us and the students.You always go above and beyond and offer a flexible service.”

From Suzanne Jackson, SENCo Chiltern Hills Academy
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Working together

We work closely with SENCos, teachers and support staff and we encourage consistency of approach across both  school and home.

Our support is tailored to the needs of the individual pupil, and can include:

  • identification of a pupil’s strengths and gaps in social understanding. From this we can provide a programme to address the difficulties and develop skills, for example, we can provide planning, leading and resourcing of regular social groups in order to target a pupil’s specific social communication needs. It may be appropriate to provide direct one-to-one support to give specific teaching. These provisions can also be a joint project with school staff sharing the delivery in order to facilitate the generalisation of skills into the wider school setting.
  • Raising awareness and support for anxiety induced behaviours
  • Supporting the setting to identify  triggers which result in inappropriate behaviours, for example using the ‘iceberg analysis’ and ABC recording.
  • Advice on how to adapt the environment to allow the individual pupil to thrive and maximise learning. We can complete a sensory checklist for an autism friendly environment with the school to identify the areas to evaluate the current situation and recommend actions to reduce and alleviate sensory issues
  • Teaching the pupil skills to help develop positive group working and better interaction with peers. Also advice is given to support schools to manage unstructured times.
  • Subject specific support to address issues in a particular area of the curriculum and generic strategies to support throughout the curriculum.
  • Support dealing with change. Transition from class to class and school to school and other settings can be highly stressful. We deliver packages to promote familiarisation, give confidence and reduce anxiety at these critical times.
  • Teaching of individualised revision techniques and the management of exam stress.
  • Online Communication Clinics for schools for advice for pupils on a no names basis
  • 1:1 online sessions during school time with students and liaison with staff
  • Training for school staff focusing on the areas of autism needs.
  • Liaison with other agencies including speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, educational psychologists, physiotherapists and paediatricians.

Your school can purchase bespoke support directly from the Autism Teaching Company. This can include shared funding between both parents and school. Click here for more information >>

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