To ensure that new contractors possess the most appropriate blend of qualifications, experience, knowledge, skills and abilities to meet the demands of the post and the needs of AuTC.

To ensure a consistent and equitable approach.

To ensure that all relevant equal opportunities legislation is adhered to and that contractors are recruited without regard to age, gender, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, marital or civil partnership status, colour, race, nationality, ethnic or national origins, religion or belief.

To ensure that all recruitment practices are compliant with DfE safeguarding guidance, with clear links to child protection policies and procedures, thereby ensuring as far as possible that all contractors who work in schools are suitable to work with children and young people.


Safer Recruitment

Matters of child protection, safeguarding and the promotion of the welfare of children will be central to the recruitment process. Verification that the contractor has current certification of Attendance of Child Protection Awareness Training from Bucks County Council’s Children’s Services is required before the contractor engages in any activity.

Each contractor is obliged to sign a document stating that he/she will keep client confidentiality and keep all AuTC files securely.



A minimum of two references which are considered satisfactory by AuTC are required. One of the references must be from the employer with whom the applicant most recently worked with children. Neither referee should be a relative or someone known to the applicant solely as a friend. Referees will be asked whether they believe the applicant is suitable for the job for which they have applied and whether they have any reason to believe that the applicant is unsuitable to work with children.


DBS checks

For most appointments, an enhanced DBS check with barred list information will be required as the contractors will be engaging in regulated activity. A person will be considered to be in ‘regulated activity’ if as a result of their work they:

will be responsible, on a regular basis, in any setting for the care or supervision of children; or

will regularly work in a school or college at times when children are on school or college premises or

will regularly come into contact with children under 18 years of age.


Verification of Candidates Identity

It is vital that AuTC contractors have evidence to prove their identity. Evidence of identity will be sought. The candidate’s identity will be confirmed from current photographic ID and proof of address.


Verification of Professional Qualifications and Registration

The Office Manager will request that contractors provide evidence of the qualifications that they have detailed on their application form. A copy of the certificates will be kept on the personnel file of the employee.


Verification of the contractor’s Professional Indemnity Insurance

It is vital that every contractor has up to date Professional Indemnity Insurance. Evidence of this is sought yearly.



Prior to starting to work with a contractor there must be satisfactory completion of the following:

The agreement of a mutually acceptable start date and the signing of AuTC’s Independent Contractor Agreement

The receipt of two satisfactory references

Contractor’s identity, from current photographic ID and proof of address

An enhanced DBS check number which can be checked at any time online. Where the position amounts to “regulated activity” confirmation that the contractor is not on the Children’s Barred List administered by the DBS.

A check that a candidate to be employed as a teacher is not subject to a prohibition order issued by the Secretary of State, using the Employer Access Online service

Verification of the contractor’s mental and physical fitness to carry out their work responsibilities. In line with KCSIE guidance, a contractor can be asked relevant questions about disability and health in order to establish whether they have the physical and mental capacity for the specific role

Verification of the person’s right to work in the UK. If there is uncertainty about whether an individual needs permission to work in the UK, then AuTC follows advice on the GOV.UK website;

Completion of overseas check as required

Verification of professional qualifications



(Last reviewed Sept 19)