University Support

As well as being specialist teachers some of our staff are autism tutors. They are trained and qualified in supporting adults and can support you, as a student, at university or college to make the most of your time in tertiary education.

We can help you with social interactions, acquiring better social communication skills and managing your emotions as well as developing a further understanding of the emotions of others.

Any problems you have with friendships and group working can be addressed so you develop a toolkit of strategies to help in different situations.

Our autism tutors can help you identify your triggers for feeling anxious or frustrated. We can teach you and those around you to help reduce the stress of situations you find difficult.

We can help you further develop what autism means for you and support you if you want to explain this to others.

We support you in the way that helps you best; either one to one in your college setting, at home or by video link. We are trained to understand your needs and to help you develop your strengths to cope with university life and looking forward to the workplace.