girls-trainingThe Autism Teaching Company was established to meet the needs of individuals with autism and those who teach and care for them.

We recognised a growing need to provide a more responsive and cohesive service. Led by Joanna Poole and Ruth Moore, our teaching team have a wealth of education knowledge in the field of Autistic Spectrum Conditions.

They bring a range of skills developed from their teaching experiences in mainstream schools, special schools, autism units and Specialist Teaching Services, from Reception through to Sixth Form, College, University and into the Workplace.

We can provide tailored support and training for children and young people at school, at home and in the workplace.

As well as designing bespoke training packages for the needs of your staff and your setting, we work with schools to deliver targeted and interactive training that provides practical strategies which can be taken away and used productively to support your children and young people.

As teachers, we are trainers who interact with course participants regularly through every session.

In our training we keep the ratio of teachers to delegates low so we can discuss your needs and those of your setting.


The uses and benefits of using social stories and comic strip conversations

St Louis Catholic Primary School, Aylesbury 

Carol Gray (1993) developed these ways of explaining social situations to teach social skills, support change and explain behaviour. On this course you will learn to:

  • Be able to use social stories/social articles to teach a skill or further understanding
  • Be able to confidently use comic strips to analyse social situations and teach the impact of behaviour.

There will be time to practise the skills learnt, so please arrive with some situations you would like to analyse.

Planning, running and evaluating successful social groups.

Social groups are an effective way for pupils on the spectrum to learn ways to interact appropriately in social situations. On this course you will:

  • Have an increased awareness of the difficulties of pupils with social communication difficulties. We will provide practical strategies to support young people to develop social awareness.
  • Have a greater understanding of how appropriate social skills can be modelled and taught in a social group setting.

Demand Avoidance – furthering understanding of the use of PDA strategies in the classroom

Sir William Borlase Grammar School, Marlow

This course will further your understanding of the Autism Spectrum including new developments and current thinking around the subject. At the end of this course you will:

  • Understand the different presentations of the condition.
  • Gain strategies to support your pupils who are on the spectrum.
  • Develop an awareness of curriculum modification.


Chiltern Hills Academy,

In this course we will consider how and why anxiety affects so many of those on the spectrum. At the end of the course you will:

  • be able to recognise anxiety behaviours and use elements of CBT to help manage anxiety.
  • understand how best to encourage the child/young person to develop more flexible thought patterns.
  • understand how to use strategies such as relaxation techniques, thought catching and thought challenging.