Support for Parents & Carers of Children with Autism

Teachers from the Autism Teaching Company can support you and your child in the following ways:

“We have all been extremely grateful for your continued support. You have been amazing; caring, helpful, understanding and always available to listen and give advice. Many, many thanks”.

A family
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The effect of Autism

We can help your child to understand their diagnosis and support the family to understand what it means for you and your family within the home and school environment.

The Autism Teaching Company can also work sensitively with you to explain to others how autism affects your family.


The ability to accept and respond more flexibly to change can impact on an autistic young person and on family life. We can support you to identify the triggers which result in inappropriate behaviours and teach all the family strategies to promote more positive outcome. We will increase your child’s ability to respond more flexibility and so feel more comfortable with daily routines and family life.


Anxiety can happen for a number of reasons and can produce a range of symptoms both physical and psychological. We help children and families to identify anxiety levels and develop strategies to manage it effectively.


Children with autism spectrum disorders may have difficulty regulating their emotions or expressing themselves appropriately. They can also have difficulties understanding the feelings of other. Teachers from the AuTC can promote an increased awareness, resulting in more positive interactions with others.


Making and maintaining friendships can be an area of challenge. The Autism Teaching Company can help young people make sense of the complex social arena by providing structure to social interactions leading to enhanced social skills.

Sensory differences

Many young people on the autistic spectrum have sensory differences which can have a big impact on their daily life. We can evaluate the environment and recommend actions to reduce and alleviate sensory issues.

Home and School

Direct teaching support from an AuTC teacher at home and  in school can help equip your child with the appropriate strategies to enable them to achieve their full potential. We encourage home and school to work together with us and other agencies, such as Speech and Language Therapists, in order to develop positive relationships with all resulting in joined up support throughout the whole day.

We can also offer support with:

  • routine
  • structure
  • organisation
  • homework
  • exam preparation

We can share ways to promote your child’s learning with school staff through bespoke training and liaison visits.


Transition support between settings

We will develop bespoke strategies that can help your child cope with new environments and our Specialist Teachers can support liaison visits to highlight focus areas. This can also include promoting successful daily transitions between home and school.Click here for more information >>

Your child’s school can purchase bespoke support directly from the Autism Teaching Company. This can include shared funding between both parents and school. Please discuss these options with the school’s SENCo or head teacher. Click here for more information >>

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