Wesley Kenton

Youth Support

Wesley is a recent graduate of University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, where he studied for a BA(Hons) degree in Computer Games Arts.

He was diagnosed on the spectrum at the age of ten and subsequently completed his education at Royal Latin School (GCSE) and Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School (A levels) before going to university.

His main area of interest is art and its application in films, comics and video games, and while at university he set up and ran the DnD (Dungeons & Dragons) society.

His first-hand experience of secondary education and degree study means that Wesley is able to understand and articulate with unique insight, many of the experiences of growing up and learning with autism, and he is keen that advice and support are made available for people who are on the spectrum.

Wes made a significant impact on the parents who attended the Q&A session before Christmas. Everyone felt he was an articulate, interesting and well presented young man who was able to share a valuable insight into living with Autism, how it felt growing up, going through the local education system and now starting work. He highlighted personal strategies and showed that it is possible to succeed with the right support; individuals shouldn’t be limited because of their ASD, and their talents should be explored and opportunities identified to help them succeed. The group felt he would be a wonderful advocate and role model for our teenage children and someone who might be able to help them see that the world can be a fulfilling and happy place to live.

Hillary Harvey
PDA Society