Liz Hobbs


 Liz has worked with children and young people for most of her adult life.  She initially trained and worked as a nanny and nursery nurse.  After a career break to look after her young family she has worked for over 16 years in a mixture of primary and secondary schools in Buckinghamshire.  with a significant focus on autism and ADHD.  Qualifications have been gained in supporting teaching and learning in schools as well as NAS accredited autism courses.

As members of her close family are on the Spectrum, Liz also has a lived experience of autism.  Liz has been able to take much of the knowledge she has gained from the delights and challenges encountered along the way into her work supporting students and their families.

In her spare time, Liz enjoys baking, various crafts and studying new and interesting things.

“knowing you are there make my heart feel better…I can’t begin to explain how much I appreciate your support. You have made a huge difference to not just [students] life, but our entire family. I am truly grateful”

From the parent of a student