An overview

The Autism Teaching Company was established to meet the needs of individuals with autism and those who teach and care for them. We recognised a growing need to provide a more responsive and cohesive service. Our teaching team are experienced professionals who have a wealth of education knowledge in the field of Autistic Spectrum Conditions. Our teachers bring a range of skills developed from their teaching experiences in mainstream schools, special schools and autism units, from Reception through to Sixth Form College and into the Workplace. We can provide tailored support and bespoke training for children and young people in their own homes, at school and in the workplace.

In school: We are in regular contact with schools in Buckinghamshire and adjacent counties, working closely with staff and pupils, in the classroom, in small groups and individually to promote inclusion and integration into all aspects of school life. We deliver expert and bespoke training to teachers and support staff to further their understanding of autism and awareness of strategies to maximise the learning of autistic pupils both socially and academically.

At home: Direct teaching support from an AuTC Specialist at home can equip your child with the appropriate skills to enable them to achieve their full potential through positive behaviour, understanding emotions and developing friendships.

In the workplace: We can support with recruitment and retention of workers with autism. One of our Specialists can identify what can be adapted so your employee can work effectively, and can teach the young person strategies to support areas such as expectations of the role and communication with others.

All the above can also be provided online

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