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We are ASD specialist teachers, committed to offering a bespoke service to pupils, teachers, parents & carers and colleagues. Here you’ll find our thoughts on Autism teaching ‘best practice’, some notes on how we resolve issues for our pupils and generally some content that will be of interest to all involved in the ASD world



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  1. According to the National Autistic Society (NAS) more than 60% of people with autism say they want to work, but only a fraction of this number are in full time employment.

    However, some big companies are now seeing the benefits of employing people on the spectrum. There is a very interesting article in the Sunday Times magazine this weekend (26th July 2015) about GCHQ, the Government Communication Headquarters. The Head of their ‘neuro-diversity programme’ talks about how she uses assessment and discussion to work out how the individual works most effectively and places them in roles where their strengths are utilised in the best way. One of the employees discussed how he has a photographic memory and can speed read; he has specialised in improving the performance of laser-guided bombs, but struggles when his wife asks him to take the potatoes out of the oven before dinner!

    Other companies, in the computer industry and beyond, have now a greater understanding of the benefits an employee with autism can bring. Employment-specific profiles for adults, highlighting areas of skills, can help communicate the potential of an individual to potential employers, as well as any solvable difficulties which may arise as the result of the ASD. Read more about what we do here >>

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