Summer Session – Social Skills

Social Skills

Our sessions give young people the opportunity to develop the skills they need to face life with confidence.

168_1teenagersChildren on the Autism Spectrum can find everyday interactions challenging. We have developed this two day summer course to address many of these challenges and provide insights and strategies for moving forward.

There will be two different courses – one aimed at 9 – 11 year olds and another for those of 12 – 15 years (each child will need to attend both days of the course).

Day 1

Communication and conversation

We will address different forms of communication (verbal and non verbal) and will practise gestures, facial expressions and understanding of personal space etc.

We will also further develop conversational skills (starting or joining a conversation, maintaining a discussion and finishing appropriately).

Day 2

Feelings and friendships

We will develop understanding of ours and others’ emotions, what friendship means and the skills required to maintain a meaningful friendship.

We will also look at strategies to cope when things go wrong and how to resolve conflict.

These sessions will include some discussion, role play and active tasks with video clips and some games and group activities.


Development of 'Social Skills' with regard to communcation and interactions


Monday 25th – Tuesday 26 July 2016 (Aged 12-15 years)


Thursday 28th July – Friday 29th July 2016 (Aged 9-11 years)


Tuesday 30th August – Wednesday 31st August (Aged 12-15 years)

Venue: Botolph Claydon Village Hall, MK18 2LR

Price for the course


Places are limited to 8 young people per course..


In the first instance please register your interest by emailing us on  giving us your child’s name, DoB, school attended and any relevant information