Libby Brown

Specialist Support

Libby is an enthusiastic, creative, passionate, well-motivated woman with good communication skills; with a BSc (upper class) honours degree with modules in social psychology.  She has worked with young people in formal and non-formal educational settings of both primary and secondary ages since qualifying as a youth worker 12 years ago.

Mainly specialising in work on behaviour and pastoral care, Libby has worked in special needs schools catering for those who have Learning, Social, Emotional, Behavioural and Mental Health Difficulties and closely with autistic students, as a higher-level teaching assistant, as well as Head of Year at a secondary Grammar School.

Working in education both in and out of classroom has given Libby a wide range of skills to engage young people “where they are at” whilst examining and working towards solutions which increase self-esteem, academic progress and social skills.

Threading through all of Libby’s experience is the ability to network and link with, home, school and outside agencies to create a holistic and tailor met approach to a young person’s growth.

Libby enjoys a wide range of hobbies and activities, such as baking and art.  She has recently become a mother and this has increased her understanding of preschool education, and early childhood development.

“knowing you are there make my heart feel better…I can’t begin to explain how much I appreciate your support. You have made a huge difference to not just [students] life, but our entire family. I am truly grateful”

From the parent of a student