Summer Session – Moving On

Moving on to further education

university-partnerTransitions can be tricky for young people on the spectrum and in our long experience of supporting students towards more independent life we know that it can be the ‘what ifs’ that can make settling down in a new environment so challenging.

Here are just a few issues we’ve come across.

Cooking for yourself – Harry* for example loves to cook but finds it really difficult to work out the ingredients he needs to have enough to feed himself but not too much to fit into his limited storage space.

Using the launderette – Ranjeer* is very bright but simply can’t get to grips with remembering to have the correct coins for the machines, on a number of occasions he has been left without any clean clothes to put on!

Hyper focus – Chloe* is often so focussed on her work that she forgets to eat until after the canteen has closed.

Keeping safe –  Jackie* is very friendly with everyone which can make her vulnerable.

In this course we will try to address these and many more issues to help give young people with ASD more confidence and strategies to help them through the early days and to keep with them through out their further education career.

Here is just a sample of the subjects this 3 day course will address:

  • Cooking for yourself, researching recipes, how to cook a meal
  • Dry foods, canned foods, fresh foods – how to store and what to buy
  • Money management – using banks, cards, buying on-line
  • Time management – morning routine, organising work and social commitments
  • Enjoying university social life
  • Clothes washing and washing labels, working washing machines and tumble dryers
  • Living with others
  • Changing bedding and ironing, keeping clean
  • Problem scenarios (eg: What if I lose my key? What if a friend has too much to drink? What if I feel ill?)

* not their real names


Life skills in preparation for 'Moving On' to college or university


Monday 22nd Aug, Wednesday 24th August & Friday 26th August 2016

The young person must attend all three days and be prepared to carry out activities on the other two days that week.

Venue: Aylesbury.

Price for the course


This 3 day course will include ‘homework’ to be completed on Tuesday and Thursday

Places are limited to 6-8 young people age between 16 and 18 yrs.


In the first instance please register your interest by emailing us on  giving us your child’s name, DoB, school attended and any relevant information