Support for Young People with Autism

We can support you, as a young person with autism, both at home and at school, college or in the workplace.

“Thank you very much for being amazing and helping me. Also thanks for sticking up for me even though I have been a massive challenge”.

A student
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Weman-324103_12802 will build a positive relationship with you and directly teach you skills to develop social interaction, social communication and the understanding of your emotions and those of others.


Any problems you have with friendships and working in groups can be sensitively addressed and we can teach you strategies to help you understand different situations.

We can help you understand what autism means to you and support you too if you want to explain this to others.

Our Specialist Teachers can help you identify and understand the triggers which result in difficulties and anxiety. We can teach you and those around you to use strategies to help manage your behaviour in these situations.

We are  trained to understand your needs and to help you make sense of your life experiences.

We can talk with you to learn how you want us to support you in the way that suits you. We can visit you in school and/or at home to meet your needs in order for you to cope with everyday life and school.

We can help you to recognise and develop your strengths to cope with the stresses and strains of everyday life.

If you move schools, go to college or get a job, we can help you adapt to the new people and routine and we can teach you the life skills you will need for life after school, at college and in the workplace.