Bespoke Training

IMG_2449Along with our regular organised training courses we see great value in offering bespoke training sessions for particular areas of interest. We can tailor courses for schools and groups that match the particular need. For maximum value, two AuTC Specialist Teachers will attend for training of over 20 participants.

Follow up additional advice can be given in your setting or over the telephone.

Popular training topics include:

  • Enabling environments: supporting pupils in primary classrooms
  • Enabling environments: supporting students in secondary classrooms
  • Supporting passive students who mask and camouflage in school: girls but also boys
  • Managing anxiety
  • Demand avoidance: furthering understanding of the use of PDA techniques in the classroom
  • Supporting gender dysphoria in young people with autism
  • The Uses and Benefits of using Social Stories™ and Comic Strip Conversations™.
  • Understanding Others: Planning, running and evaluating successful social groups.
  • Supporting pupils through puberty and adolescence..
  • Adapting Environments to Maximise Outcomes, taking into account sensory differences.
  • Supporting Pupils through Transition to Secondary School.
  • Planning for Adulthood. Looking forward to college/university and onto the work environment.

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